The windows of Heaven are where God pours out his love and glory to a fallen man living in a dying world, so we can experience his presence living on earth.  The gates of Heaven are where we can ascend in the spirit and enter to walk with Him and experience the Garden of Eden as we were created to.  Most of what we understand and experience is that we ask God to come to us and pour out his love through the windows.  Mostly what is being taught about God is that when you pray you ask God to come to you or send his Holy Spirit.  When we pray we pray for things, people situations and ask God to fill our needs.  This is a very self centered view of God yet in spite of it he loves us so much he still pours out his love to us.

Once you understand the three levels of prayer and worship you will begin to see the different dynamics of the kingdom of God at work in your life and how it affects those around you.  The depth of your ability to pray and communicate with God will have a direct impact on your surroundings and your life.  The Outer Court or first level experience of God is us asking for things from Him, they are more needs based prayers.  It is more of a cerebral understanding of God and how we communicate with Him versus an emotional experience.  I don't know how you experience love in your head.  You can talk about it, rationalize it and try to explain it to make sense.  Love is something your feel with your heart or your spirit.  The only way to do that is to go deeper into the second level with Him.

The Inner Court or second level is where we spend more time in worship and invite the Holy Spirit to come and visit with us.  It is here we get to experience God's love in a deeper and more intimate way.  What you experience in this level is more of a relationship with God, where your heart feels the warmth and fire of God. The more open your heart the more intense your encounter with God will be.  For those who have experienced God's love through the Holy Spirit they may have felt overwhelmed and fell out in the spirit, spoke in tongues, prophesied and touched some of the gifts of the spirit.  Yet no matter how deep you go in the second level it is nowhere close to where you can go with God.  This is where 99.99% of the teaching in church or religion leads us, if this far, even though not a bad place, it is still limiting to our true call and walk with God.  We are still calling out to God to come to us and pour out his love through the windows.  However, once you understand why and how, you can rise up and walk through the gates of Heaven which is our true call.

The Song of Solomon in the Bible is a love story about how God is trying to woo us to get out of our comfort zones, rise up and follow Him.  We keep asking Him to come to us, but in this story he keeps drawing away from us, calling us to rise up and follow him into the heights, leaping and bounding on hinds feet.  It is a book about how God wants to condition us to go further with Him no longer sitting around waiting for Him to come to us.  No, our call his to get up and go to Him.  Yes, rise up and follow Him wherever he goes.  

The Most Holy Place or third level is where you are called to walk with God in the way you were created.  This is where you rise up, ascend and walk through gates of Heaven.  You don't have to die to experience Heaven!  You can do it now by learning how to walk through the gates.  In my book, "The One Thing and Secret of Life,"  I go into depth about each step in the process of overcoming yourself to become free enough to ascend the heights in God.  It is from here that you will see and experience things you could never have imagined compared to what you have living your whole life on Earth.  Is it worth the journey?  Only you can decide once you are able to walk through the gates of Heaven and see for  yourself.  No matter what I of anyone else tells you will give it enough justice until the day you walk through the gates and experience God's love in its fullness.

Many of the old time prophets and New Testament apostles wrote about being in this place, the third heaven, saying they were overwhelmed and saw inexpressible things feeling slain or not knowing if they were in or out of their bodies.  The key to the gates are knowing how to meditate to a level where you can become completely still and put your full focus on God, setting your mind on things above and not on the things you have to do here in this life.  It is a paradigm shift changing your thoughts from here to there. Once again in my book I reveal to you the secret which is how to make the transition to completely shift your focus to the point where you are free to walk in the spirit and walk with God as He intended.

I can tell you story after story of what I have seen, but that is not the purpose of my book or this site.  Perhaps one day I will write another book called, My Visions of Heaven, and reveal what I have seen.  For now, if I did, you would keep coming back to me and ask, Bobby tell me more about what you have seen.  My whole purpose in this is for you to go see it for yourself and only then will you know the whole truth about this place.  I hope you will invest in a copy of my book and read it as an instructional manual on how to walk through the gates so you can see things from a perspective you never have.  This is now my mission to tell as many people as I can about what is possible and available to them in God.

May God bless your journey to Him.

Windows and Gates