You believe one of two things; either evolution or Creation.  There is no in between!  If you believe that you crawled out of the sea and evolved into what you are today, than you whole belief structure relies on your lower nature, thus causing you to live your life crawling on your belly eating other peoples shit. Does this shock you that I just said that, I can candy coat it, but no matter how you slice it, it's the reality of life.  If you live on the ground then you eat what the ground serves up to you.  It's time to wake up from this lower form of life.  Now for those that believe in Creation, let me simplify this whole thing and break it down into three categories or time periods; the creation, the fall and the redemption.  If you can grasp this it will unfold all that has been written in the Bible and other sources and simplify the process by which you stand a chance of walking in Heaven before you die and explore the Creation as you were meant to.

  • The Creation - We were created in the image of God; to be like Him, walk with Him, talk to Him and live our lives in the place of perfect love and peace, where there was no wrong.  Imagine everything you have ever hoped or dreamed about being real, a place where you can experience all that is good void of pain, suffering and sickness.  Where you don’t have to struggle to earn a living and go without.  This is how we were created to live and it is available to all who desire to return.  You just need to know that you can and how.

  • The fall and separation - When we fell, we choose to fill our heads with information we didn’t need and live independently, the self-nature developed causing us to grow further and further away from the knowledge of God.  Perhaps we didn’t choose this, but we inherited it and our choice is to continue living separate from God due to our ignorance of the truth and knowing that we can be restored.  As we walked away the memory of God faded to the point of our creation being a distant memory and in some totally forgotten.  Due to our amnesia of who we were, we had to create stories of who we now are to justify our existence of separation from God and the kingdom of self-rule.  When we fell our beast nature, flesh grew to the point where it dominated and over shadowed our spirit to the point many lost all memory of who they were originally intended to be.  It is being self absorbed, egocentric that keeps us separate.

  • Our Redemption – This is where many will miss it; because they fear giving up control of their lives to someone or something they don’t know or understand.  Either you are king of your life and sit on the throne of your heart or you allow someone else to.  How’s it working out for yourself so far?  You don’t need to justify it to me or anyone else, but sincerely ask yourself this question.  If it’s not going so great and your life isn’t going as planned than there is hope you can turn it around.  The answer is  absolutely yes.  It won’t be easy but there is a way out and that is to turn control of your life over to God and His plan for your redemption.  If you were going on some epic adventure I any wise person would find the best available guide to ensure safety and a good experience.  Only the fool would trust themselves.

If you would like to explore Heaven it all starts here!   As I said earlier this is the first step to restoration and getting back in to where we were kicked out of.  Jesus died for our sin, our fallen nature and separation from God, so we may be restored and return to the way we were created to live.  All you have to do is accept him as your savior, your guide to lead you back up to the high ground and through the gates.  It’s really that simple.  Now I don't know if there is another way in but I do know this way works.  If you choose to rationalize, downplay or dismiss the importance of this step, than you choose to live your life crawling on your belly and trying to justify your sorry experience for a life.  I’m not going to try and trip you out and tell you if you don’t accept Jesus you are going to hell like some religions do out of ignorance.  The reality is that you are already living in hell, like a frog slowly boiling in water, you just don’t know you are cooking yet.  Separation from God, his love and kingdom is like living in anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, depression and torment some of the qualities of hell.

Here is the cold hard reality!  You get to choose how far you will go and what you will make out of your reality.  You can continue to crawl around and argue about what the truth is or soar on wings of eagles into the heights, through the gates of Heaven and find out for yourself.  It's all up to you, choose Heaven or hell, life or death and that is what you will get.  Right choices minimize pain!  When you choose to seek God's love and his kingdom over time will transfer and release blessings to you living in a fallen world, easing pain and suffering.  It is difficult to fully explain this in this short space.  it is why I have added resources for you to read and hopefully open up your mind to the fullness of the truth for you.

The Cold Hard Truth