Don't you wish it was that easy to pick up a phone and call God in Heaven!  Unfortunately there is no  quick way to communicate with God unless you know how.  There is no technology that will allow you to communicate.  The only way is to know the steps that lead to Heaven so you can walk and talk with God whenever you want.  Once you have matured in understanding how to enter and explore Heaven you can be there in a flash.  Yes, it is almost like dialing up a phone call.

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I have found that once you know how to access God, face to face, it becomes a more natural way to communicate with him as you learn to spend time walking with him.  We were created to walk and talk with God and we develop this relationship by spending time seeking him where he dwells in Heaven.  Of course, God will love us where we are no matter what, his love surrounds us all day long.  We show our love to Him by seeking and spending time with him in the high places.

Talking to God