There are seven steps blueprinted in the Bible that will allow you to enter the gates of Heaven whenever you want.  They are in order; salvation, repentance, cleansing, infilling, illumination, ascension and rest.  There is no shortcut or way around these and each is a building block to take you higher in the Spirit of God.

When Moses went up Mount Sinai and had his face to face with God in Exodus 19 there was something that God gave him that was overlooked as to its significance.  No, it wasn't the 10 commandments!  It was the Tabernacle of God, which is the blueprint on how to approach him.  It lays out the seven steps in order so we may enter Heaven now.  The 10 commandments were designed to keep people who choose to live their lives in a fallen world in check.  The Tabernacle is designed for people who choose to live their lives above a fallen world and walk once again through the gates of Heaven.

The Tabernacle has three levels; representing the three heavens or realms in which as we move through each we take the seven steps until we come to a place of complete rest from the turmoil of this world.  The three levels are the outer court, the inner court and the most holy place.  The outer court represents the world we live in or the first heaven.  The inner court represents the fallen spiritual world which surrounds us or the second heaven.  The most holy place represents the place where God dwells in Heaven or the third heaven.  The seven steps lead us higher through each level until we come face to face with God and experience his love as we were created to.

I have already gone over the first two steps salvation in Knowing Your Rights and repentance in the Dying tabs of this site.  The first step is to enter the Tabernacle through the gates which were called the gates of salvation.  The second step, repentance, was the first piece of furniture called the bronze alter or alter of burnt offerings, where people offered their best sacrifice.  As I said before this is where your best offering is to put yourself on that alter and learn to deny self.

The third step you came to the laver which was to cleanse the hands after the sacrifice by the priests.  This step represents cleansing through water baptism for the flesh and also the reading of the Word to cleanse the mind.  Symbolically it is where the Rhema word of God flows as rain or water from the river of life which falls on us to cleanse us.

The fourth step you went into the Inner Court and the 1st piece of furniture you came to was the Table of Showbread, where you would have communion.  It is here you were filled with the Holy Spirit.  It is also know as the born again experience.  During our daily walks when we come to this step we are inviting the Holy Spirit to be a part of our day  Symbolically it is the place we put on our white robe or spiritual nature so we can ascend.

The fifth step is illumination and the piece of furniture was the Candlestick with 7 candles.  This is where we get light up spiritually and put on our spiritual senses, so we can hear and see what's going on in the spirit.

The sixth step was at the Alter of Incense, which was against the Veil of Separation.  This is where we ascend up God's Holy Mountain, through the veil and into Heaven, which brings us into the seventh step, rest.

The Seventh Step, once you got past the veil, was where you would come to the Arc of the Covenant or mercy seat of Christ.  Symbolically this represents the throne of God which is in Heaven.  It is here once you enter the gates of Heaven and learn to explore you rest from all your worldly activity and get restored.

I have outlined in detail  the complete Tabernacle experience and each step in both my books; To the Ends of the Earth, part II and my new book The One Thing and Secret of Life.  It would take too long to post these here.  You can find how to order these under resources.

The 3 most important steps are the 1st, 4th and 7th.  At the first you get to meet Jesus, at the 4th you meet the Holy Spirit and at the 7th you meet the Father, God where you resume your relationship with him face to face.

Steps to Heaven