Resources That Will Aid You In Your Pursuit of Heaven

This is the place I will list some resources that I believe are valuable to help your study which will lay the groundwork for you to explore Heaven.  At least the ones I have found that have helped me.  Please keep in mind as you read different authors that each person can have a somewhat different experience and see certain things others haven't, yet there is common ground in all of the experiences.  Each of us has filters of understanding and belief we have to work through to hear and see the things of God clearly.  Thus, when we try to communicate or write about these experiences there may be some variation.  Some people may have a strong religious back ground while others none at all a reason why there will be differences when expressing this realm.  I know one thing that is for sure, that God is infinite, his kingdom is infinite thus I would conclude there are infinite views.  This is why it will be important for you as you grow in your understanding of Heaven and how you can explore it that you seek your own views or more importantly is that once you are able to find your way in allow God, Jesus or his angels to show you want they would like to.  Just go along for the ride and enjoy!

The Bible

The Bible is the first and foremost book about Heaven.  It starts in Heaven and ends there, written by people who were able to find their way in, explore, have a face to face with God and  write about it.  The whole middle of the Bible is about our struggles living in a fallen world and separate from God and our call back to where we were created.  Once you understand the real code or secret it will become plain.

It doesn't matter which translation you use, which some will make an issue about.  They key is to be able to read it not with you head but your heart or spirit so God can speak to you through the words written on the pages.  

Books by Bob Cerami

To the Ends of the Earth, Part I and II by Bob Cerami written in 1997 while pastoring a Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Kingston, NY during the 90s.  Part I, A Journey to God's Holy Mountain, is about the struggles of the journey to God's Holy mountain and being able to see and recognize it.  Part II, Ascending the Mountain, is about the ascent up, through the gates and into Heaven.

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The One Thing and Secret of Life, by Bob Cerami is about knowing the secret that will unlock the mystery of the Bible and life

which will allow you easy access up to and through the gates of Heaven.  A process so easy anyone can do it once you put aside

your old notions about the way things are supposed to work.

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Books by other authors that I have read and think have value in regards to exploring Heaven

Unveiled, The Mystery of Life, by Dolores Clark Mason.  This is my all time favorite book about visions and visitations of someone who entered while they were alive and explored Heaven.  I have read it numerous times and find it unfolds with each reading.  

Revealing Heaven, the Christian Case for Near-Death Experiences, by John W Price.  An excellent third party account from someone who struggled with these experiences until it became apparent they were real.  A great resource.

Visions Beyond the Veil, By H. A. Baker.  This book is about a group of Chinese children who lived in a shelter ran by a pastor who had visitations, visions and got caught up in Heaven.  They also had visions of hell.  Has a religious tone to it, but a valid experience of Heaven.

Revealing Heaven an Eyewitness Account, by Kat Kerr. She was caught up to Heaven on numerous occasions and saw and heard many things.  An interesting viewpoint of what she saw in Heaven.

Books by authors who have had near death experiences and visited Heaven

My descent into death, by Howard Storm.  One of my favorites books on what he experienced and his ability to explain it.  A former atheist who first descended into hell and the torment he experienced before he called out to Jesus and then was transported to Heaven.  I very powerful account of Heaven with some strong revelations.

Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander. A neurosurgeon who explained away near death experiences in a scientific manner dismissing what a person experiences as a oxygen deprived state until he died.  He had his own NDE and was taken to Heaven and has a powerful account of what he saw and heard. Now he gives a scientific case for the afterlife.

Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo.  The 4 year old son of a pastor who had a NDE and visited with Jesus and was shown many things during his time in Heaven. A well written and strong account of what Colton Burpo saw.

90 Minutes in Heaven, by Don Piper.  This story is amazing!  Don was as dead as you can be and was resurrected and brought back to life by someone who was called to pray for him.  A powerful account of someone who was in the glory of God for a while and came back and had to deal with pain and suffering back in his body as well as the emotional roller coaster ride one experiences coming back after being in Heaven.

My Journey to Heaven, by Marvin Besteman.  Another account of a person who went to Heaven and came back to live on earth for a while to spread the message that Heaven exists and what he saw.

Websites that have value in explaining Heaven for those that want to explore it now‎