Knowing Your Rights

The first step in the process of understanding that you can actually enter Heaven now is knowing how and why you have the right to.  The first right you have is choice which was given in the Garden to Adam, which was the right to choose life or death, Genesis 2:16-17 NIV.  The moment you doubt or dismiss any thought this is possible you have chosen death, to live life on this Earth and wonder about the after life.  This is the tree of knowledge of knowing good and evil.  Knowledge in this sense is death which is us feeding the intellect, which becomes death to our spirit.  When you believe you can and that you have the right to you have chosen life and will now start the process of feeding your spirit what it needs to grow, mature and be free to fly into the heights of God.  It is all too easy to believe in what you can touch and see everyday and it is a copout to explore what life is really about.  I am an explorer by nature and am fascinated by learning more about what I don't know and what I can't see.  Once I found out my rights and found the gates of Heaven it went wide open for me as I was able to explore realms I never imagined possible before.  As a child I used to think how cool it would of been to have been someone like Lewis and Clarke and have explored a virgin America.  Now I get to explore places very few people throughout the history of the world have seen while alive here.

Everything has come full circle.  To understand where you can go you have to understand where you came from, your heritage and your right to return.  In Genesis we were created in the image of God to be His friend and walk with Him in the cool breeze of the day.  Everything was good, nothing bad, and it was all free to us, what a life. When Adam and Eve choose to eat of the wrong tree the party in Heaven was over for them and they were thrown out by some big bouncer angels who also prevented them from going back in. However, God didn't make it impossible for some to visit Heaven while they lived in the fallen realm.  The first one in the Bible is Enoch, who walked with God for 300 years and he was transformed into his original state.  Every book in the Bible has been written by someone who accessed Heaven and saw firsthand the Kingdom of God and how to apply it to a world which rejects it.  All the prophets and seers are people who found their way into Heaven and were able to write from a spiritual mind and not from their carnal mind of intellect, which I will expand on later.

Mankind grew further and further away from the remembrance of God and his heart continued to harden and his carnality increased.  God had a plan of redemption to deliver anyone who so chose life and to deny the old way, the old nature and seek above all else the Kingdom of God no matter what the cost.  The whole journey starts here and you will need a guide to take you safely into the unknown.  Again, this is the first step, which is salvation from you old ways of death.  Let me simply try to explain this to you without getting into a heavy and complicated theology.  In the old testament in the Tabernacle and temple there was the veil of separation and only the high priest could enter only if he was clean or else he got smoked.  Behind the veil was the Arc of the Covenant which is where the presence of God on Earth was, which also represents the Throne of God.  The moment Jesus died on the cross, his sacrifice set us free, and the old order of things passed away and the new order began.  The veil of separation was torn from top to bottom and no longer were we banned from entering the realm we were originally created to live in. 

In other words the bouncers will let anyone thought the gates who know the right to enter.  Your guide into Heaven is Jesus and this is your first step who said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6 NIV.  Jesus is not only your guide, the way, but also your pass to enter into the gates of Heaven and visit with God from inside the gates and explore this amazing place.  This is your right of passage to enter Heaven now while you are alive!  Now what happens when you die is a different story and something I will not address here.  What is important is what you choose to do with your life today and what you can accomplish once you know the truth.  I did not write the program, I have learned to follow it and it has opened up a new reality which is now overshadowing my old reality of dead thinking.  I know there are those that will reject this notion and turn away here.  How unfortunate that would be for you.  What do you have to loose?  Be open minded explore you never know what you may find.

As I said this is the first step in the process of seven steps and each one builds on the other.  Once you have taken this step the next step will be to begin the process of learning how to get out of your own way so your old nature doesn't hinder your journey upwards towards Heaven.