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Is It Possible? 

Is it possible to enter and explore Heaven now?  The answer is yes and it is easier than most people think.  There are many paths that lead into Heaven as there are gates and each of us must find our own and be willing to walk on it.  Even though we all will walk in our own way there is one goal and that is the kingdom of Heaven in which we will all experience different things.  Once you know the steps that lead to Heaven the way will open up to you and you will come to see and understand things you could have only dreamed or imagined.  Heaven is real and waiting for you.

Upon one of my visits as I entered the gates and walked into the village I saw people lined up on the streets and they were all excited and cheering as they saw me.  I thought why are they all cheering for me as God answered telling me, “That the whole kingdom celebrates when one of his children find their way home.”  He also said, “That not enough people know they can enter the kingdom of Heaven and I want you to show anyone who wants to know the way into the gates how."  In my first visit into this realm, God gave me a vision, where a beam of light came down from above and parted the clouds over me and surrounded me.  I felt its warm glow penetrating my spirit as I was being lifted up until I came to the gates of Heaven and then entered.  During this first visit he told me that this was the key to enter whenever I wanted, all I had to do was look up towards Heaven and see the beam of light, God's love, descend upon me.  Once I understood how to ascend and became comfortable with this one vision and way then God showed me other pathways into Heaven.


I want you to understand this one very important point; that there are many pathways into the many gates of Heaven. God doesn't want us to make an idol or get stuck in any one way.  The key, once you understand the steps, is to look up beyond yourself and allow God to open up your vision.