Exploring Heaven

This site is dedicated to the exploration of Heaven for those who want to see and know more about this place and go beyond their physical existence on earth.  Is Heaven a place, a state of mind, a spiritual reality or somewhere I can visit and know while I am alive?  The answer is yes to all of these and so much more.  As we explore hopefully your eyes will open to the reality of Heaven and witness its incredible views and vistas, experience things you never thought were possible and most importantly come face to face with your loving Father and God who created you to experience this place.  Once you taste Heaven and learn to absorb its qualities it will make your life living in this broken world so much easier to enjoy and deal with.  I will tell you this upfront; that Heaven is much closer and easier to access than you may realize, with proper understanding of this place you can enter its gates.

If I could describe Heaven in one word it would be, "Breathless."  Once you have entered and seen this realm it is hard to put into words as they don't do it justice.  My intention is to not to tell you what I have seen but to show you "The Way" so you can see it for yourself.  I hope you can have your own experience of this amazing place.  Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is at hand."  Was his intention to let you know that hopefully when you die you can go to Heaven if you do certain things?  No!  He was saying it is here and now and you can enter the kingdom of God or Heaven at any moment.  The term "at hand" means right before you, in front of your face.

I will try to unfold this to you, from an experiential, informational and educational understanding of what is possible so you can go off and explore Heaven for yourself and fulfill all your curiosity of this reality.  From an experience standpoint there are many people who have visited Heaven and seen firsthand this glorious realm.  This is primarily where our focus will be on firsthand accounts of people who have seen Heaven.  There are those who have died, called near death experience (NDE), and spent a period of time before they came back to tell of their awesome adventures. They were shown what they have to look forward to and why they had to go back to live on earth and share with others.  Others who have never died have found their way into Heaven by being caught up and transported by the Spirit of God to hear, see, smell, taste and feel this majestic realm so they can be witness to what they experienced to others.  Unfortunately, for many they keep these firsthand accounts of Heaven to themselves fearing that others may think they are hallucinating or crazy and especially from the backlash of mainstream religion and nonbelievers.  In a nutshell many in both religion and the world don't know how to process or explain this place and reject it out of fear of the unknown.  They think they may lose control of their lives, which is actually good. Others may think they will be looked at with disdain and that if others find out about it be rejected.  This is unfortunate but true and I hope to open up your thinking to go beyond the walls of the institutions of men so you can find out for yourself.  To ascend into the heights, going to places you have never seen before, will require that you overcome many fears.

Most of those that have visited Heaven or had a glimpse into its windows or gates believe it was a one time or random event and long to go back for another visit.  Once you have tasted the wonders of Heaven your heart aches to go back again.  The reality is that there are ancient pathways that were lost long ago that lead into heaven and anyone can walk on these and ascend into the heights, walk through the gates and explore Heaven.  Yes you can walk into Heaven whenever you choose!  You just need the knowledge, know your rights and know how to.  This is the purpose of this site.

The most glorious scenes on earth you have ever seen don't even come close to what you will see in Heaven.