One way or another you have to die to go to Heaven!  Everyone will visit Heaven once they die and have a review of their lives about how they lived on earth no matter what they believed. I firmly believe once you come into the love and light of God, seeing the pureness and reflecting on how you live here you will judge yourself, see the errors of you ways and hopefully grow from them.  The most common thought process to go to Heaven is that you have to die physically, which is one way and the end game for most.  The other way is that you have to die to self, which we will focus on here.  Hopefully, this will give you the insight of how you can get out of the way to allow your spirit to ascend up to and through the gates of Heaven to begin your exploration.

You have heard the old expression, " You must die a thousand deaths."  In essence this is true.  Each day you must learn to deprogram everything you have learned while living to self and getting nurtured from a dying world.  Repentance is to turn away from your old ways and bow down to your new nature.  In other words you need to shut it down; slow down your thoughts enough to stop the external world from being dominant and in control to give room for your spirit to wake up and become alive.  This is called becoming still and is a practiced meditative state where you turn your focus from the outer man to the inner man.  It is a challenge for most as the impulses and all the programming from the old way of life are strong and need to be broken.  This improves with practice and spending time in prayer and meditation.  To be still or not to be still that is the question.  If you can then things above will open up to you.  From this point of view this is a temporary putting off of self or dying so you spirit can open up and explore.

This is also the second step in the process of entering Heaven.  In the Tabernacle once you entered the gates of salvation you came to the alter of burnt offerings, which is where you sacrificed the beast or made your best offering to God.  The best offering we can make is to place our fallen nature or self on the alter.  It is also know as the place of the cross where Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Each day we can come to this place and reflect on what we can lay down, the things that limit and hurt us and those around us, yielding them over to God which will help us overcome them.  The more we can lay down and die to the freer we become.    In reality, the more you can put off your fallen, self nature and humble your ego, in other words die to self, the greater your experience of Heaven will be.  Also the more still you can become the more alive and vibrant you experience will be.  Each day I choose to follow this method I then create the mindset to get a glimpse into Heaven. The more time I spend and depth of focus I have on Heaven the more it opens up to me.  It merely is exercising your spiritual muscle which has atrophied over time.  You need to work it back into shape to see and hear that which you are blind and deaf to.

Temporary death is a mere putting off of your fallen nature, self, so your created nature, spirit, can rise up and ascend into Heaven and explore.  Again this is called repentance, a bowing down of your sinful nature, your flesh, thus yielding to your higher nature.  It is a daily process and the more time you can spend doing this the more it will open up and become natural.  You may have to die more than a thousand deaths to experience a greater measure of God's presence and His Glory.  The more you do it the brighter your pathways into the higher places will be.

Another way of looking at this process of dying is in the old testament the symbolism of circumcision, which was to remove the foreskin of excess flesh.  What this means to us is that we need to remove the excess flesh surrounding our hearts so we can be free to open up and explore.  Flesh represents death and stands in the way of our freedom.  To remove the flesh allows us the freedom to explore Heaven.

In my book, "The One Thing and Secret of Life," I go into more depth on this subject and for each step.