"The Bigger the atheist the bigger the fear to lose control."  Atheism is the total absorbtion of self centeredness.  

If you are a non-believer God loves you as much as anyone. The difference is a believer knows how to love God back, where a non-believer can't love what they don't understand or believe.  If you don't believe I totally respect your choice to deny your spirit and God, because he gave you the right to choose.  On the other hand don't deny someones right to choose to believe in God without mocking or ridicule.  

This is the most amazing thing about this life here on earth is that we get to choose whatever we want to believe in. Whatever you believe is the result of what you get.

If someone told me they went to Hawaii and described all their wonderful experiences, would I call them crazy because I never have been, or listen to their experiences in hope that someday I can also go and explore.

I know it is hard to understand an infinite God and an infinite Kingdom without bounds or limits from a finite mind living in a finite world where time and space rule.  Is there anyone who can explain this from a very limited understanding of Heaven?  What about you, do you think you have the answers?  You can't over think this or you will complicate a very simple state of being so simple it is easier for a child to understand.  Heaven is a place you have to enter before you can speak or write about it.  The greatest theologians and intellectuals can't do it justice from all their studies and arguments from outside the gates as they complicate it.  It is a spiritual kingdom only understood by your spirit.  You can't explain Heaven from your natural mind living in a natural world.

If you have your doubts about Heaven and its existence it will take a real paradigm shift in your thinking to even begin to comprehend what is possible and available to you.  You have to transition from your intellectual mind and outer self to your internal self and spiritual mind.  If you are able to understand how and make this transition, it is from here the Kingdom of God will open up to you like a bud that flowers with each new pedal bringing a deeper awareness.  The signs of Heaven are all around us everyday wherever we go, Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is at hand."  It is only perceived once you understand how to see it and what you are looking for.  If you choose not to look for it you won't see it, how it operates and how it can change your life.  Yet, no matter what you believe it won't negate its reality and availability to you. Don't be a skeptic or cynic this will keep you wandering and wondering aimlessly. 

More to Come