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Bob Cerami


Originally born and raised in the New York and New Jersey area Bob was turned off to religion early in his life.  His initial impressions of the church left him with a negative understanding of God coming to the point of being a non-believer.  Bob mistook religion with God and he turned his back on God and sought his fulfillment from the world during his teen years.  During this time he was highly fearful and insecure with many facades to keep his emotions protected.

During his freshman year attending University of Miami in Florida he was at a year end party when he had an encounter with God.  In that night he went from not believing in God to understanding that God was a God of love and not religion.  Bob was really turned off by the church and religion, but God had a  different idea.  He wanted to find God and experience that kind of love again like he did that night but didn't know where to turn.  The church was not an option at this point in his life so he sought his spirituality from the occult and found that didn't work either.  He wandered for about 5 years wondering where and how.

In 1977 Bob moved to Las Vegas from New york for a year.  He went there to chase women and have fun.  He met a showgirl named Jane who invited him to a meeting, which was a home group for a local church.  While he attended God touched Bob again and he was filled with the Holy Spirit.  The deep warmth of love fell upon him that night and his heart was on fire.  During this time he continued to go to these meetings and even attended church.  It became a learning period where he had to learn what was from God and what was from man.  He struggled with a lot of what he heard and saw in the name of Christianity but continued as he wanted to know God better.

In 1978 Bob moved back to upstate New York to help operate his families resort business in the Catskills.  Spiritually, what he found was a dry and barren place void of the move of the Spirit he found in Vegas.  He tried many different churches and all he found was religion.  It wasn't until 1984 where he was invited to a home group in Kingston, NY he felt the fire of the Holy Spirit fall upon him once again.  He finally met a group of believers that moved in the signs and wonders of God's Spirit.  This was the real thing that went beyond what church was offering in the name of God.

This group stopped meeting in 1985, but during the same period Bob became involved in the Vineyard group and helped plant a church.  In 1985 the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Kingston was born.  In 1990 Bob was ordained as associate pastor and in 1992 he became senior pastor where he served for 8 years until the summer of 2000.  In 1997 he published his first book, "To the Ends of the Earth," part I and II.  In June of 2000 Bob resigned his pastorate as he believed it was time to move on and put his ministry down for a period of time.

In September of 2000 Bob, his wife and children moved to southern California where he resides now and currently sells real estate in Irvine.  It was during the next decade or so the he went into a spiritual wilderness staying out of ministry, but continueing his focus on God and raising his family.  It was during this period Bob was able to spend much time seeking God face to face and preparing to write his next book, "The One Thing and Secret of Life."

This book is a 30 year journey of ascending up to Heaven and coming back down to write about how anyone can walk into the third heaven of they so choose.  It is a work of simplicity; which anyone can understand and ascend on the pathways that lead up into the high places of God, through the gates and into an intimate relationship with the Father.

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